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Get your Nevada CCW Permit in Las VegasGetting your Nevada CCW : The Process

Please make certain you meet the minimum rquirements before you begin the CCWprocess.

In order to obtain your Nevada CCW permit, you must:

1: Complete the 8-hour certified basic firearms training class (this is the class our school offers).

2: Target qualify with the type of firearm (revolver or semi-auto) you want listed on your CCW permit. This can be done during class time at our school. If you do not own a gun yet, you have 12 months after completion of the class to target qualify.

3: You must submit the CCW application to the Las Vegas Metro Police Department's CCW detail (located at 5880 Cameron Street) in person. They will take your picture and take your fingerprints. We will give you a completed and stamped application upon completing the course.

4: Pay the application fee of $97.50 over the counter. This can be paid via cash, money order, or cashier check. No personal checks or credit cards!

5: If approved, your Nevada CCW permit will arrive in the mail.

Criminal background checks which are processed by the FBI slow the process, so it may take up to 120 days to recieve your permit. Once recieved, your CCW permit is valid for 5 years from issue date, and should be renewed 120 days before experation.

Out-of-State Residents: If you are not a resident of Nevada, you may apply for a NV CCW permit at any sheriff's office. Your permit will be valid for 5 years. Your home state address will be printed on the back side of the permit.

Application Fee: The LVMPD charges $97.50 to process your application. This can only be paid with money order, cashier check, or cash. No personal checks or credit cards!