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NV CCW Class: Handgun Qualification

Get your Nevada CCW  permit in Las VegasIn order to obtain you Nevad CCW permit you will need to qualify with the type of handgun you will be carrying.

You can qualify at the range anytime before the class, cost is $15 dollars and includes your target. If you would like to schedule a specific time to qualify, you can do so just give us a call.

Either a revolver, semi auto, or both can be listed on your permit. When you qualify, the make and calibur of the weapon is irrelivant only the type of handgun, revolver, semi-auto, or both will be listed on your actual permit.

You DO NOT need to qualify with mutliple handguns of the same type.
This is not a timed qualification, and you may shoot from the stance of your choice.

Range Rules!
No Handguns in the Lobby, all handguns are in cases or holsters until you are on the range. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Eyes and ear protection will be worn at all times on the range and be in place before entering the range.!

Standard Required to Qualify

You must score 70% at the following distances from the target...

3 yards - 6 rounds must hit target

5 yards - 12 rounds must hit target

7 yards - 12 rounds must hit target

Bring one of each type of gun (revolver or semi-auto) for which you want to qualify and at least 30 rounds of ammo for each gun.

We will provide access to the private gun range, Eye protection Ear protection if you do not have your own, and targets .